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About Leigh

Hi I'm Leigh, Toronto based wedding and lifestyle photographer. I'm so happy you made it this far! Don't worry, I'll make your time worthwhile. Let's talk about me and maybe we'll find some things we both love! By the way, my name is pronounced as "lei" as in garland of flowers or "lay's" potato chips! 


I love traveling, adventures and photography. Combine altogether, for a destination wedding.. that's even better! I love exploring new places and culture, meeting different people, trying different kinds of food and doing things I've never done! I even did solo traveling, and it was really a fulfilling experience. Next on my bucket list? Sky diving and Bungee jumping!


I love my family, my dog, my closest friends and all my supporters! I would not be here without these people believing in me.  Side note: I'm a big F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan! (How you doin'?)


I absolutely try to live in the moment - that's why immortalizing important moments are my goal with every shot I take. I believe moments are fleeting and photos take us right back at our feelings on that exact moment. Documenting real, romantic, candid, heartfelt and raw emotions combined with my creativity is what I live for.


People would describe me as the life of the party, hardworking, driven with my goals, passionate about the things I cared for, funny and genuinely a kind person. All of the traits applied with everything I do, plus add lots of big smiles and buckets of optimism make the perfect formula to bring me right where I want to be.

More importantly, happy clients fuel my passion and make my heart full! For me, relationship with my clients are not just all business, I treat them as new friends and extended Cheers family and that is one key to having an easy going, smooth and definitely a memorable experience together.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to hear from you! Cheers!

Leigh, Cheers and Captions photographer
Let's connect in real life! Contact me:

Let's create beautiful memories!

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