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Maternity Session
Prep Guide

Yayyyy! You are getting ready for celebrating your pregnancy through a maternity photoshoot! This is soooo exciting for you!


First things first, what to wear? 

Pick a dress that would highlight your baby bump. You can choose to wear a long fitted dress so it would create a sexy pregnancy silhouette! You can also opt for something that has an opening the belly that would show off your bump and put more focus there. You can check out online stores such as Amazon, Shein, Sexy Mama, Pink Blush Maternity and other in- store maternity clothing.

toronto maternity photographer

But why stop there? You can even rent a maternity gown that would elevate your experience and your pregnancy photos even more! After all, you’re not going to be pregnant forever right? The bigger the celebration of this miracle of life inside you, the bigger the gown!

We have Luxury Maternity gowns for rent so that you don’t even have to worry about checking out every maternity store in town, or if the dress would be delivered on time before your shoot! If you book your shoot with us, you will get ONE COMPLIMENTARY MATERNITY GOWN RENTAL FEE WAIVED so that you don't have to worry about it. All you have to do is show up with the proper undergarments and we will have the dress for you on the shoot date! Isn't that a GREAT deal?!

Check out our Luxury Maternity Dresses HERE

toronto maternity photographer

In terms of colours, pick a colour that you like and you know would look good in. I highly recommend light pink because it looks so feminine, sweet and motherly. Some mommas follow the gender of their baby so they would also pick light blue hues for a baby boy on the way.


Another option would be white since it’s timeless and neutrals always look good on photos. For fierce and strong momma vibes, red or wine red is always stunning, makes the photo POP and stands out during the winter shoots when everything is covered in snow. 


Whatever colour and fit of dress you choose, make sure you wear the appropriate underwear. Make sure it’s seamless and neutral so it’s not showing and distracting on your beautiful dress.

toronto maternity photographer

In coordinating outfits with your husband and little one(s). Go for neutral colours. Pick one or two colours that complement your own chosen outfit and work with that. 

For example, if you pick a white dress, they can wear white tops and a khaki bottoms or black pants. Try to stay away from jeans because it would look very casual and doesn’t look too good on photos. 

Another example, if you want a light pink dress, then your husband can wear navy blue top and khaki pants, while your older child can wear white and blue pants. 

toronto maternity photographer

Make sure your outfit  matches everyone who will be with you on the maternity session, if you’re going for elegant maternity gowns then your partner should be wearing something on the formal side too. 

I don’t recommend wearing all black as it’s not very fitting on a very happy occasion— celebration of life! 


Yes, you can choose to wear 2 outfits on our shoot! Just let me know ahead during our planning call so we can divide the time of our shoot per outfit. Usually it’s half an hour per outfit. 

toronto maternity photographer

Don’t forget, you can wear a flower crown! Because YOU ARE A QUEEN, MOMMA! I do have flower crowns available for you when you book with us so that's one thing off your list to worry about!


Don't skip on your hair and makeup. You can get them professionally done or DIY! Remember this is your one day to get glammed, dress up and feel and look amazing!

toronto maternity photographer

The important thing is to wear something you like and you’re comfortable in, so that you will be able to enjoy the experience of capturing this life-changing milestone and celebrating the miracle of pregnancy.

If you have any questions or you need some fashion advice, you can always reach out to me, send some snaps of your outfits and we can figure anything out together! 

Looking forward to capturing you and your baby bump really soon, momma! Cheers! 

toronto maternity photographer
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